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The Symbology functionality (from the My Layers window) is based on styles supported by GeoServer. Please see GeoServer User manual for more information.

Point symbology

Point Symbology:

You can Add or Remove a rule to the table. Click Graphic to modify the symbol and Filter to modify a filter.

Point Symbology
Point Symbology Filter:

Select the property, condition and value. If there is more than one condition in the Filter window, select the appropriate logical operator (AND, OR, NOT) from the drop-down menu. Click the Statistics button 70.png button to view the statistics of a selected property.

Point Symbology Filter
Point Symbology Graphic:

Select the symbol, color and opacity.

Point Symbology Graphic

Raster symbology

Raster Symbology:

You can Add or Remove a rule to the table. To decide how to set up appropriate rules, it is often helpful to first look at the Statistics. You can then choose the color scheme representation under Type. The default Type is interpolation (ramp), with the others being Intervals and Values. For help in selecting the appropriate type, please refer to ColorMap type. If Intervals is selected, the first rule in the table should use the no data value of the coverage.

Statistics displays the cumulative distribution of the values of a raster dataset as well as its mean, median and IQR (interquartile range), which indicates the middle 50% of the dataset.

Click Apply to use the new rules.

Raster Symbology

Polygon symbology

Polygon Symbology:

You can Add or Remove a rule to the table. The Fill and Line of polygons can be edited, and Filters can be applied to these rules using the standard operators (<,>,=<,>=,=). Complete changes by clicking Apply.

Raster Symbology

Symbology Import/Export

Polygon Symbology:

The Import/Export function allows you to save your symbology settings to use with another layer. Symbologies are saved separately for the three data types of point, raster and polygon. When importing a symbology, the variable name must be the same as that of the saved symbology.

To export the current symbology, click on Import/Export and then Export.

To import a symbology, click on Import/Export, the saved symbology and then Import.

Import/Export Symbology