Creating and editing articles

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Step 1: Search for an existing article

File:Editing articles - Step 1.jpg Enter the subject title that you are looking for in the search field and click 'Search'. Before creating an article, please ensure that there is not already an article on the same subject. To prevent multiple articles from being created on the same subject, it is important to broaden your search for articles with similar names.

-> If there is no article on the same subject, proceed with Step 2: Create a wiki page
-> If there is an article on the same subject, proceed with Step 4: Edit an existing wiki page

Step 2: Create a wiki page

Enter the exact page name (e.g., Modeling large scale geogenic contamination of groundwater) in the search field.
If this page name is not found, the following text will appear:

"Create the page "Page name" on this wiki!" See also the page found with your search.

Click on the link of your page name to create the page. The page will be given the name used in the search field.

Step 3: Edit your new wiki page

File:Editing articles - Step 3&4.jpg You can now edit your wiki page.

The editing process is the same as for new and existing wiki pages. Please read Step 4: Edit an existing wiki page for information on how to add text, pictures and links and how to preview and save a page.

Before you leave a page, don't forget to save your edits page by pressing the 'Save' button at the bottom.

Step 4: Edit an existing wiki page

  • Preview your article: To preview the article with the changes you have made, click 'Show preview' at the bottom of the page. This does not yet save your page, it just shows you a preview.

  • Add pictures: Upload your picture by clicking 'Upload file' in the toolbox at the left side of this page. Then use 'Browse' to locate the file on your computer. Use 'Upload file' to upload the picture.
    Add your picture to your article by using the following syntax:
    [[File:Name of Image|thumb|400px|thumb|right|Image Title]]

  • Add external links: To add a link to an external file, such as a movie, animation or external web page, add the web address and the title as shown below:
    [ link title]
  • Add internal links: For internal links, use 2 brackets on either side of your text.
    [[Page name | Text you want displayed]]

  • Add short description of changes: Before saving the page, enter a short description of your changes in the 'Summary' box to make it easier for other editors to track changes.

  • Safe your changes: Before you leave this page, don't forget to save your edits by pressing the 'Save page' button.