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The Best Cheap Jerseys,Mlb Jerseys

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Bernadette Bautista

  I bought these for my dog's bed. The bed's measurements are 27" x 36" and 3" deep. They are very soft wash up nice. Fits the bed perfectly. Jersey knit is stretchy so I imagine it would fit on the pack n play for some types. It works great for the purpose I bought it for. I bought the 2 pack so I can switch it when necessary.

Louise Victoria

  Bought these for wearing around the house -- great deal, fit good and they have pockets (which my old ones didn't)  .. I would recommend these to anybody wanting some comfortable, inexpensive shorts...

Berea Grace Rider

  Fits good, 6-2 190 large is perfect, thin , light , good orange color and white accents. Paid $12 , if it was $49 it would be a stretch but it's a solid under $20 shirt from.addidas

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